David Bird 

And, on hand to help ensure David got off to a flying start was BQP’s Grower Fieldperson, Steve Bennett who explains: “David is one of the new breed of young farmers who are keen to explore the opportunities that their existing land can offer in providing additional income streams.

“Land is the greatest asset farmers have, however it is not always an obvious or simple solution to change current farm usage, that is where BQP offers free practical and professional advice on new pig growing buildings or conversion options, that will enable a substantial primary or secondary income to be generated.”

David, aged 26, studied Agriculture at Haper Adams university and has spent his entire life in farming, including a one-year stint on arable and sheep farms in Australia. Work started on the construction of his two new pig buildings in September 2015 and as he explains, the help and support he received from the team at BQP proved invaluable: “I was looking for ways to maximise the income generated from the existing 800 acres of land I farm and the option of working with BQP to build two new pig growing buildings was too good an opportunity not to take advantage of.

“The knowledge that BQP provided on the construction and fitting out of the buildings has proved invaluable, they’ve developed an extremely efficient and modern finishing system and this combined with advice and support in funding the build really made it a viable proposition from day one. The really great thing is that their support is ongoing and covers everything from feed to animal husbandry and welfare, and backed up by a five-year contract to supply into the BQP supply chain.”

David’s pigs were delivered to his Suffolk farm using the very latest technology in pig transportation, the Berdex transporter. The specialist vehicle utilises an environmentally controlled interior which maximises the comfort of the pigs, adding to their overall welfare and minimising any potential stress during movement from an outdoor sow farm.


It was a real red letter day for BQP and young farmer David Bird when, after months of preparation, he took delivery of his first batch of pigs at his newly constructed pig farm buildings  in Suffolk, which is the 100th BQP new build unit to come on-stream during recent years.