Breeder / Grower Meeting Suffolk

A meeting was held with our pigs producers and AHDB, at the Cedars, Stowmarket. The speakers:

Rachel Newstead, covering the topics of Formulation of the feed rations and how FBF works which is the BQP trials farm, explaining how scientific trials are done on this farm and how this effects what we do on the commercial side in the outside world.

discussing some of the trials of, zinc replacement, reducing the reliance of soya, new raw materials, sire lines and feed additives

Finally discussed environmental monitoring and its relationship with pig mood.

Steve Bennett , gallantly stood in for the transport team

Steve introduced the logistic team explaining how the team deals with over 10,000 loads per annum

The long term aim is to have all piglets to be moved on High Welfare Trailer costing £150,000. Steve summarised the benefit between the old and new lorries.

He went on to talk about piglet placement, piglet journey times, and unloading.

Andrew Palmer of AHDB finished off talking about ASF. Telling us how 20% of the worlds supply has now been culled.

He then moved onto Swine Dysentry and the work AHDB is doing with the smaller pig farmers and leading onto the #MuckFreeTruck campaign.

Andrew finished off with the New Welfare Codes for Pigs

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