Phil Ellis 

Phil is the third generation within their farming business with an outdoor breeding site (and finisher site) located in West Norfolk and also has an arable enterprise.


“The aim is to manage a sustainable mixed farm that produces quality products for the UK market.

The BQP outdoor breeding sows are rotated with arable crops on the sandy soils. This provides grass leys for the pigs that are then followed by sugar beet and cereals”. Phil produces 17 batches of piglets per year and the nutrients left behind the pigs are utilised by the crops. Straw is baled to use as bedding and eventually spread onto fields to provide nutrients and organic matter to improve soils.


The pigs are then housed in purpose built straw based barns. The pigs are fed on a cereal based diet grown as locally to mills as possible, with all muck returned to our arable soils to grow the following crop.


“The BQP pig breeding and growing enterprise offers a regular cash flow to employ several staff and produce good annual profits”.

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